New research paper focusses on Service Interaction Quality

We are happy to announce that the renowned Journal of Services Marketing recently released a research paper from the Research Lab for Digital Business. This study was written by Alexander Rossmann from Herman Hollerith Center, and Kumar Rakesh Ranjan and Praveen Sugathan from the Indian Institute of Management (Tiruchirappalli).

The paper titled “A narrative review and meta-analysis of service interaction quality: New research directions and implications” focusses on the Service Interaction Quality that is located between a provider and a customer in the service case. To conduct a meta analysis the authors analysed the existing professional literature referring to Service Interaction Quality.

The systematic literature review builds the foundation on which a conceptual model is developed to test hypotheses of antecedents and effects of the Service Interaction Quality. The quality of the model is determined and the findings are illustrated. Afterwards the managerial and theoretical implications are described. Finally, the paper suggests future research opportunities.

We hope this paper offers a usefull overview and contributes to the further development of the research stream of Service Interation Quality. The paper can be downloaded here.

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