Albrecht Stäbler
CEO, dibuco GmbH

Albrecht Stäbler is teaching Cloud Native Architectures, EA/EAM, Software-Engineering & -Architectures, Operating System Software, Middleware and Workflow Management at universities domestically and abroad; As CEO of a medium- sized Software-Engineering company group Albrecht Stäbler was responsible for the corporate strategy.

In strategic customer projects Albrecht Stäbler provides his experiences and his know-how as an enterprise architect mainly as responsible, often for audits and crisis management.

Within the last years Albrecht Stäbler was strategically dealing with solution concepts and realization for digital business transformations according to architectural and methodological aspects like cloud native architectures for new important business fields like mobility (connected car), IoT, BigData, Industry 4.0 and others … especially in the area of conflicts between technology, sustainability, obsolescence, governance, compliance, vendor strategies, life cycle management, devOps, continuous delivery, EA, EAM, cloud strategies, future concepts, costs, … he has lots of practical experiences.