Donal Speaker profile Picture 2014_SW25 years of experience in the field of global customer services has allowed Donal to share and fulfil his passion for service excellence. His career objective has been to enlighten, energize and enable individuals and organizations to recognize the true value and potential of the customer.

His experience has involved worldwide engagement in operational, executive and consulting roles in a variety of industry sectors including IT, Telco, Electronics, Banking, Insurance and Aviation.

“I have and will continue to question the commitment and integrity of companies in their relations and support of their customers with short term results and not lifetime customer value as the key objective. In a world where reputation and loyalty can be destroyed in a moment and where mindshare is the holy grail, enabling real and meaningful relationships with customers is the key to future growth.”

An area where Donal has taken a specific interest is the enablement of digital and social service channels and most specifically peer to peer communications through blogs, forums and communities. Customers are more and more seeking to engage with companies and find solutions to their problems in a mobile way through their digital devices and as such communications will no longer be controlled by the company. Scary for many, but a new world where customer, loyalty and reference will become synonymous with success.