Next Corporate Communication helps executives to better understand digital business and how to maximize the value of disruptive trends, which range from social media and mobile applications to the corporate value chain and enterprise integration. We offer inhouse workshops, open classes, and industry benchmarks in the following areas:

Digital Business Strategy

Success or failure in the digital transformation is determined by the quality of your strategy. First of all, it is important to consider the key elements of a digital business strategy. The currently existing strategies in digital media are often restricted to one single factor, which is communication. The contribution of social media to business success is often cloudy. However, a viable digital business strategy impacts on core corporate processes. We highlight the critical success factors of a viable strategic process and the essential aspects of change.

Customer Service Experience

Customer services receive increasing importance by the transparency of the internet and the use of social networks. Shortcomings in service processes are virtually transparent for everyone. The experience of the customer is more and more a significant part of corporate strategy. Open service environments provide new business opportunities that are essentially based on the quality of corporate service offerings, customer satisfaction, and word-of-mouth communication. We support corporations by the integration of thought leadership and proven experience in the implementation of first class service systems.

Social Customer Relationship Management

Corporations need much deeper insight into relevant customer processes. The analysis of existing customer data in own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions is no longer sufficient. Most corporations need to increase their customer insight extensively, if they are to foster the customer relationship. In the digital world customer relationships are characterized by a completely new form of transparency. Organizations can use insights derived from social data confidently, at scale, and in conjunction with other data sources to make strategic decisions. But the question remains, how the increasingly available amount of customer data might be integrated into corporate CRM solutions. Please contact us for the implementation of appropriate solutions.

Content Marketing

In the digital era the development, curation, and dissemination of relevant content plays a significant role for corporate success. Due to the quality of the content, added value for online users is generated. Moreover, high quality content impacts positively on the brand awareness of your company. Content marketing comprehends competencies and processes for a successful creation and positioning of corporate content. At the same time content marketing goes far beyond established approaches to editing and planning issues. Together with our partners and customers, we implement scientifically based and proven approaches for an effective content marketing strategy.

Enterprise Social Network

Digital media are not only relevant for external communication. Corporations also need to develop corresponding media competencies inside the company. In addition, social media offer significant potential for improving internal communication and collaboration. In recent years, many companies have invested in the development of enterprise social networks. This refers to the use of social software (blogs, wikis, social networks, etc.) for corporate applications. A key success factor for such approaches lies in vitalization of the community and in the definition of appropriate use cases. We support the implementation of Enterprise Social Networks with our expertise and and contacts to thought leaders in the area of Enterprise 2.0.

Open Innovation Management

Innovation is the key factor for sustainable competitive advantage. Social media offers new opportunities for the integration of internal and external resources in the innovation process. Open innovation refers to new formats for the innovation process. In contrast to traditional R&D concepts, the stakeholders communicate open around innovative themes. Companies must offer such formats for their own expert community. Otherwise, the innovation dialogue might shift to external platforms. At the same time, it is important to get the right content in an open dialogue and to protect its own intellectual property effectively. We appreciate to assist companies in developing and implementing appropriate systems of innovation.